With over two years’ experience tutoring college students in English and composition, I can help writers compose clearer, well-argued papers. Together we can develop personalized strategies for outlining and researching topics, organizing and structuring an argument, and writing an academic paper that holds the reader’s attention.

I am familiar with the major style guides — AP, APA, CMS, MLA — and have spent time either writing, formatting, or proofing papers in all of them.

My own writing background has tended towards literature in English and philosophy. However, my work as a tutor and copyeditor, most recently at the Community College of Denver’s Writing Center and the University of Colorado-Denver’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, respectively, has introduced me to topics across a rather wide range. I am not only willing, but very likely will be eager to research the subject of a student’s assignment in order to more readily understand and talk comfortably about it as we begin the steps of writing a quality paper.

Pricing for tutoring sessions is flexible, but will usually run $18/hr.