You’ve probably heard it at least once: “Anyone can hold a camera; anyone can take pictures.” A person who says this is either someone who is about to retract the statement and apologize or a just a complete idiot. Expression through a visual medium requires patience, training, and experience. Maybe more importantly, at least when it comes to promoting your work, both your art form and your trade are difficult and, for lack of a better term, time intensive. Between shoots, culling, and editing who has time to compose a thoughtful narrative to accompany their photographs? Well, maybe some of you have time. And, of course, I lose sleep over the idea that, sure, there are many of you out there who are gifted across multiple disciplines, immune to creative fatigue, and who can belt out great copy after a long day editing. Cheers to you. You have my admiration and my envy.

For the others who simply do not have the time, interest, or the capacity to capture, edit, and post arresting work and then write engaging copy to accompany their posts and blogs: I would love to discuss the idea of my writing for you in a way that properly evokes your style and effectively promotes your image or brand.

Pricing is generally project-based and determined at consultation, but remains flexible and competitive within the bounds of industry standards.