The terms used to describe, or rather to sell copywriting services are often related to salesmanship and the supposed art of writing as persuasion. This is probably just adherence to the advertising precept of focusing on the benefits of a product rather than its features, the idea that a customer needs to be promised something before they’ll be convinced to buy.

My guess is that you aren’t here because you want to increase sales or because you’re daunted by the concept of SEO. Well, sure, whatever might bring you more profit would be great, but that’s not why you are looking for a copywriter. You’re here because copywriting is hard. At the very least it’s time consuming.

It can be difficult to clearly and effectively explain what you’re selling, especially when what you’re selling is creative in nature. Beyond coming up with something like a sales pitch, it can be almost impossibly demanding to churn out copy that tells a structured narrative your readers can identify with.

Lance Creative engages an active, cooperative process where I come to know your voice and your company’s vision — either for a specific project or for your brand as a whole — and then create engrossing copy that tells your story.

I anticipated a few eye rolls from readers at the mention of “telling a story.” The same cynicism that prompted such a reaction in you probably also recoiled at the concept of salesmanship. Well, regardless of whether or not it is correct that, sure, on some basic level copy must sell something, your message, if it is to be effective, still needs to be clear and appealing as it advocates for whatever it is you want others to buy in to. I work to help you contribute your unique voice to your field in ways that are compelling to your readers.

I work with you so that I understand your business and learn your tone and style.
I write clear and effective copy that speaks your language.